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World-Class production within the sphere of a perfectly orchestrated group travel experience




Historic Programs is a not-for-profit corporation committed to remembering people, places and events that have shaped the world. Whether it's the liberation of Europe during World War II, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution or paying tribute to those who were a force for change. Our officially recognized programs have both complimented the occasion and entertained audiences.  During the past two decades, thousands of people have joined with us at historic locations around the world to commemorate the past and celebrate the future with music and culture while saluting those people, places and ideals that have both inspired and united people for generations.   



Every musician in events provided by Historic Programs will have the unique opportunity to perform at a significant and historic venue.  These talented individuals represent the best that each community has to offer.  They serve as musical ambassadors in every city and location in which they perform.  The opportunity to take the music learned in the practice room and share it with citizens and visitors worldwide will be an experience each will cherish throughout their lives. These performances will do much to share the gratitude of a grateful nation to those who were willing to serve. 



There is no better place to learn than on location.  Historic Programs allows students to step out of the classroom and into history.  Textbooks come to life as students experience for themselves the art, monuments, memorials, buildings and museums unique to every host city.  Students, teachers, parents and administrators alike can rest assured that the lessons learned by participating in these events will strengthen and support the school curriculum. The inspiration that one will receive by hearing of the personal experience of one of our History Makers will remain with them for a lifetime. 



Our team at Historic Programs is committed to providing the very best experience for each participant.  We have partnered with reputable travel and production organizations who share our commitment for excellence. These firms have the knowledge, resources and experience required to produce the type of program you have come to expect.  They have developed excellent relationships with reputable airlines, motor coach companies, hotels, restaurants and other suppliers essential in making your experience a positive one.  We are confident that when you participate in our programs, you will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.



Joel Biggs - CEO / Executive Director

Chris Meeker - Executive Producer

Earl Hurrey -  Vice President / Director of Special Programs 



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