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Historic Journeys - LDS Church History Tour

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime as you trace the steps of the early saints from New York to Nauvoo.  History will come alive as you visit sites such as the Smith family farm and Sacred Grove or walk the "Trail of Hope" in old Nauvoo. You will come to appreciate more than ever the commitment, trials, joy and sacrifices of the Mormon Pioneers.

Day 1 

  • Depart from home via your scheduled airline

  • Arrive into Buffalo New York - Meet your full time tour manager/guide at the airport

  • Depart for your hotel in the Palmyra area

  • Check in followed by an orientation/meet & greet and dinner

  • Overnight at the hotel

Day 2

  • Breakfast provided at the hotel

  • Depart for the Smith Family Farm where you will visit:

        The Visitor Center

        The Smith Family Cabin

        The Smith Family Framed House

        The Sacred Grove

  • Visit the Grandin Print Shop where the first copy of the Book of Mormon was printed

  • Lunch provided

  • Visit to the Hill Cumorah

  • Depart for Fayette

  • Visit the Peter Whitmer Home where The Church was organized

  • Depart for the Kirtland Area - en route visit the US side of Niagara Falls

  • Dinner provided

  • Check in and overnight in the Kirtland, Ohio area

Day 3

  • Breakfast provided at the hotel

  • Visit to the Kirtland Visitor Center and see:

        Newell K. Whitney Store

        The Johnson Inn

        The Ashery

        The Schoolhouse

        The Sawmill

  • Visit the Kirtland Temple and Visitor Center

  • Lunch provided

  • Visit to the John Johnson Home

  • Depart for the journey to Nauvoo (group will stop for the night en route)

  • Dinner provided

  • Check in and overnight at the hotel

Day 4

  • Breakfast provided at the hotel

  • Continue the journey to Nauvoo

  • Lunch provided upon arrival into Nauvoo

  • Visit to the Nauvoo Temple grounds

  • Check into the hotel

  • Dinner provided

  • Evening to rest up and recover

Day 5

  • Breakfast provided at the hotel

  • Depart for Carthage

  • Visit to Carthage Jail and Visitor Center

  • Return to Nauvoo

  • Lunch provided

  • Afternoon to enjoy touring and shopping in Nauvoo, including walking the Trail of Hope

  • Depart for Missouri

  • Picnic Dinner at Adam-ondi-Ahman

  • Visit the Far West Temple Site

  • Check in and overnight at the hotel

Day 6

  • Breakfast provided at the hotel

  • Depart for Independence, Missouri

  • Visit the Independence Visitor Center

  • Lunch provided

  • Visit to the Liberty Jail and Visitor Center

  • Depart for the Kansas City Airport for your return flight 

  • Arrive home

"I have been a regular tourist and tour leader on many such tours, and it is no exaggeration to state that this was by far the most enjoyable and best organized and orchestrated travel experience I have ever had."

  Robert Millet, Professor of Ancient Scripture - BYU

"Without any reservation or exaggeration, we had the time of our lives.  Historic Journeys took 40 of our family through church history country in grand style.  It was spiritual, informative, and a lot of fun. Big impact on old ones and young ones.  Far exceeded my expectations."

  Gary Porter, Mesa Arizona

" No substitute for being there...It is not necessary to visit Church History sites, Book of Mormon places, or the Holy Land to gain a testimony of Jesus, the Church and the Book of Mormon, or to be converted. But a visit to those places increased one's appreciation for the gospel setting, and almost always makes a person want to know more...I have been a particpant and a tour leader to Church History sites on several occasions, and have never seen the equal to Historic Journeys.  Thank you for making a great experience even better."

  Robert J. Matthews, Dean of Religious Studies - BYU (retired)

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